The Beginning of the End (2016)


1- The Awakening of The Dragon (Intro)
2- The Ending of My Tale
3- Betrayed
4- Apocaliptic Dream
5- Free Will
6- My Last Step
7– Tied
8- My Last Dinner
9- Kill Yourself

1- Worms
2- Burning Piece
3- Worms (2008) (Version Demo)
4- Searching end (2007) (Version Demo)
5- Buried (Hypocrisy Cover).

Draconis burst onto the Argentine metal scene a few years ago, acting as the opening act of international shows of its musical genre. They were at the same level as the leading bands of the genre. Just as the Scandinavian Peninsula housed the referents of extreme melodic Metal, the opposite terrestrial end, it harbored the answer. From Santa Cruz (Patagonia, Argentina) they managed to make a name internationally. It was only with several “Demos” and a virtual LP. With their second album “The Awakening of The Deads” they were more “traditional” and they released it on Compact Disc. It really was unfair that “The Beginning of The End” was left without physical format. And as Draconis is characterized by particular events, they release their first LP on cassette. This is to be clear why they cached a special respect without a physical disk. As if this were not enough, they add for the occasion as a bonus track, some unreleased recordings of outstanding compositions from their repertoire. Then we get a piece for collectors from all over the world, lovers of melodic Death Metal.

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