The Awakening of the Deads (2014)

Listado de Temas:

1 – Entering The Hollow
2 – Labyrinth
3 – Viper’s Nest
4 – Lost In The Kindom Of Nothingness
5 – My Downfall
6 – Alone In My Dark Corner
7 – Doomed
8 – Parasites
9 – Echoes Of Silence
10 – Trapped In Myself
11 – One´s Last Breathe
12 – The Awakening Of The Deads
13 – Searching End.

The space is filled with indecipherable secrets to humans. We know they are there, know that they have something to tell us, and although we have them always in front of us, we do not distinguish them properly. Exactly like this happens with bands of Argentine underground. We know there are potential stars in the vast territory of our nation, but they do not shine in front of us. With this new release, Pulmonar Recordables find light where darkness seems to reign. The second LP of Draconis, not only represents a second step in the career of those who shone on stage with Amon Amarth or At The Gates, also represents a new example of the quality that prevails in Rio Gallegos. And if they live near one pole as the leaders of the melodic death metal dwell in the opposite, it is not by random they have similarities in common, but apart from that, they have their peculiarities that enrich not only Draconis oneself, but the entire subgenus itself as well. “The Awakening of The Deads ” seems dedicated to all those metalheads who go through the world crossing their own bands without waking up to their music. If Draco is the constellation visible from the north pole , which has the potential to be inhabited humanely , then Draconis, near the south pole , is the band that should be visible to the world of Heavy Metal as a great exponent of Melodic Metal of Argentine Death.

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