In 2003 Gerardo Vargas founded Draconis, one of the most promising bands in the Metal scene in Rio Gallegos, Santa Cruz, province of Argentina. The following year they recorded a demo version of one of their first compositions called “Worm”. Strengthening its proposal for months live and rehearsing, organizing festivals in their area of influence, they come to 2007 to record a new demo named “Echoes of A Never ending Labyrinth”. It is thereafter that further amplified their activities and achieved dates across the country and even international shows such as alongside with Krisiun. They have been paid much attention to the shows, that their first album was delayed. It was only in 2010 that they recorded the first studio album “The Beginning of The End”, although only launched an EP titled “Worms “. This same song serves to film their first video clip and use it as a visual promotion of what in 2011 would finally was their first LP. In digital and free form “The Beginning of The End” reached the public and began to open new doors. Premier shows saw them shine like with Amon Amarth or with At The Gates and their name began to be widely respected throughout Argentina. In this way they arrive at 2014 with a new album recorded in studio. This one was released by Pulmonar Recordables, named “The Awakening of The Deads”. This marks a new milestone in the intense career of Draconis. A new road or a continuation of it lies ahead and they know how to face it, from experience, excellence and above all, consistency and quality.

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